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In From The Wastes

"There are no roads left and all roads leads to Hebeca," they say, in the far beyond. Our City of Shelter. For us, it's a very native landscape in the valley, I'm proud of having taken part in building this city. Toxic winds pass overhead and there's less disfigurement here than in other places. I don't know how to explain it but I want to recollect everything right away. Let me show you around.

This is one of my favourite places, it opens up to a wonderful view. The desert goes on for many miles like a pale ocean made from dust. Of course it's deadly out there in the dunes but it looks very beautiful up here at sunset. If you look far enough, there are the untouched snowy steppes. And if you turn around, there are the large factories of our town. A powerful contrast between barren plains and mighty industry! We make electricity here. It's awe-inspiring that all of this was created by the hands of man and woman. Somehow it touches me.

I feel a breeze, let's go back down the valley. I don't like the wind because it stinks, it's harmful. When I forget my mask, I start to cough, my head spins, my stomach hurts. If clouds carry sulphur, acid rain falls. It damages the outside plants, the trees used to be good-looking but they have become old. Rain is bad for consumption, we pump our supply up from the ground. I heard that some other towns drink the rain, no electricity to bore holes and to pump the water. They must grow old quickly.

Come inside, you are welcome. I like plants because they make oxygen, I wish I could have more of them in my house. In this city, plants are essential to us, I feel much better with them living here. The worms turn the bad earth into good earth. We make each greenhouse tall so we can grow trees inside, it's what the town is famous for. "Come for the electricity, stay for the trees," they say. Look up into their branches, what a darkness! It reminds me of cosmic moments. It's beautiful and it's eternal. This is where I like to be.

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