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I have done my best to bring order to this chaotic realm of demons and madness. I rule from the granite throne that was once a seat of Bo'leth, the ancient scourge. It was simple to depose him - I merely showed him the folly of resisting the New Sky Fire that I now wield. 

This great power was given to me by The Four Prophets who harness teachings of the god Psy'enz. They had come to this realm to retrieve one of their number of four, he who had been brought here by Gax. I helped the three rescue the fourth and in return, they bestowed upon me this gift.

The New Sky Fire! At my bidding, it bursts and crackles from this wand to smite the faithless. It's power flows from deep within the sacred tablet that hangs behind me, and passes through the umbilical that joins tablet and wand. It is my sword and armour that none resist. It's only weakness, a significant one, is that the power fades and I know not how to replenish it. Those prophets did not warn me of this flaw but I realised after the third day of it's keeping, when the Sky Fire's effects appeared diminished.

It is of no matter, I have waited long years for this chance and when the time finally came, I applied the force wisely. In those days before the charge waned, I threw down every level of wicked dominion, casting them off into the ether. They lurk there still, waiting for a time when they might challenge me but afraid of my power. Their defeat was so swift and uncompromising that no creature in this realm dares to oppose me. If they only knew! My wand can no longer harm them, it is now a symbol only of my might and rule, it's sole function is fear.

I have loyal and willing retainers who protect my authority, those demons not utterly corrupted by the void. The many humans who suffered under demonic control have flocked to my reign, eager to support a more civil regime. I have set my mages to study the mysteries of the god Psy'enz, perhaps they will find a way to restore the power of the wand? My heralds search for signs of The Four Prophets in case they may visit this realm again and can share the secrets of Sky Fire. With time and fortune, we will build a just society for humans and demons alike, to last for many ages to come. That is my hope.

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